A smart fighting pirate that prefers the use of a blade as a means of distraction rather than a weapon. He loves the open sea and often waxes poetic about days lost and gained while riding the currents and winds.

Country: 120px-7DT_New_Canguine_Flag.gif New Canguine, Midnight Archipelago Build: Medium Athletic
Hair: Black Eyes: Dark
Age: 20 School: Rogers


Dylon’s Relationship Statements:

Philippe (Paul): “we represent two sides of the same coin. he is the head and I the tail. Philippe likes to fight head on, while i will come at you from a different angle.

“I remember one time when he was fighting a very large goon, I think he was protecting his brother Valere. I saw Philippe throw some dirt and capitalized on the advantage. Philippe embodies the same principles I have towards family and in him I think I might have a brother.

Bastiaen (Mark): “so unlike me, but yet we have much in common."

”I remember this time he was working on some knots and I noticed that his knots were dressed poorly. I asked to borrow a chuck of rope to work on my knots. Though we had arrived on the same boat, we had never talked prior. We exchanged knot work techniques and began regaling each other with our sea stories and began singing sea shanties. Many hours later and after he succumbed to the alcohol we became friends and allies.

Valere (Flint): “He compares us to being different parts of a rose, a petal and a thorn. I better not be the petal!

“I remember once just after we started relying on one another for help and prosperity, I had made a grave mistake and picked a fight with the wrong guys. Valere was able to convince them that we should settle the disagreement like men and have a drinking contest. The rules were simple the four of them could rotate each shot of rum, but I would have to drink each round. The winner’s right was to hang the losers on the nearest parapet until dry, and it was storm season. After about four hours of drinking, they started to pass out and in the end I was victorious. I moved to start stringing the men up, but Valere counseled my restraint citing it would gain their favor. I begrudgingly left without my prize. it was many moons later when I next saw those men but this time or was when they came to my aid. Valere taught me a great lesson this day."

A Pirate’s Opinions

Allende: He who called himself prince of Castille. We arrived on the same boat and are nodding acquaintances. Sometimes when we cross paths or are alone I will whisper “hello my prince.” Sometimes I get a scowl at other times he just winks at me. Me thinks he be a man of sound character.

Sean McCorley: We have been fast friends since our arrival on the island. He is possibly the most like me of any of the other people I know. We drink together, but he sure can’t hold his liquor like I can. Rumor has him as a Sea Dog and I believe it.

Vasco: I do not trust him. I believe that I will be leaving this island soon enough. Too many people have gone missing; I am not sure by which hand. Either I will escape, escape and die, or he will purify me (whatever that means). All I know is I have to watch out for him. I must belay me talk when he be near.


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